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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey , it’s a new world we are living in.

If you told me 3 months ago that people would be wearing facemasks all over Europe, I wouldnt have believed you.

People wearing face masks in the street in Belfast ? 

Right ! Pull the other one!

This is a world turned upside down.

Wearing a face mask on public transport and in shops will not only improve your safety , but also the safety of other people around about you.




Here are some straightforward questions about the face masks that we are  selling. The questions and answers will get better as things progress.

We will also be keeping people up to date with a blog page, so if you want more information on the world of face masks, have a look out for that.

For the minute , we are looking at sourcing and securing more deliveries for our wee Belfast shop ASAP.


Yes. There are many different types of face masks. The light blue  / torquoise ones that you see people wearing in hospitals are disposable. People throw these away after a few hours. 

All of our face masks are washable. That will save you going around with a stock of disposable masks in your hand bag or pockets.

If you have a look at the delivery dates on amazon typically you will see LATE  June to early July.

That is because they are being shipped by sea to an amazon warehouse in Amsterdam , then sent to you.

Any of our face masks that are in stock will be sent to you by first class post for  NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

Not just now. We will be opening up a physical shop in a few weeks after  the lockdown has been lifted . 

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Face Masks Belfast

Washable Face Masks for sale  in Belfast.

How long will it be before it becomes normal to wear a face mask in the shops in Belfast, at work OR visiting older people ?

Get your face mask  now !!